Dwyer RMA-22-SSV Rate-Master Polycarbonate Flowmeter


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RMA-22-SSV Flowmeter, range 2-25 LPM air.

The SERIES RM Rate-Master flowmeter line of direct reading precision flowmeters incorporates many unique user features at moderate cost. These low cost flowmeters are ideal for general use.


Service: Compatible gases and liquids.
Wetted Materials: Body: Polycarbonate; O-ring: Neoprene and Buna-N; Metal parts: SS (except for optional brass valve); Float: SS, black glass, aluminum, K monel, tungsten carbide depending on range.
Temperature Limit: 130F (54C).
Pressure Limit: 100 psi (6.9 bar).
Accuracy: RMA: 4%; RMB: 3%; RMC: 2% of FS.
Process Connection: RMA: 1/8″; RMB: 1/4″; RMC: 1/2″ female NPT.

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